‘House of Bricks’ revolutionises traditional screen representation of sexual violence towards women.

The film is intended to start a discussion about the social pressures which lead to this kind of violent act, so normalised within our society. While truth may be singular, attitudes and preconceptions drastically alter our understanding of a situation. Changes in cinematic style and sound design shift the audience’s relationship with the characters and events witnessed.

One in three women have experienced sexual assault in the UK, yet talking about rape constructively is still taboo. How can we challenge an issue that is so deeply embedded in our culture that it has infiltrated the very fairy tales we tell the next generation before they go to bed? When will we accept that toxic masculinity is a poison that victimises men as well as women?

Using fairytale characters to highlight this social message allowed us to challenge preconceptions on race, class and gender which have been accepted as normal, in the hope that this can inspire change within social structures and daily life.

This film is an open invitation to audiences to discuss the issues around rape culture and social pressure within our society.